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Welcome Oblate, Jeffrey Johnson - Oct. 20

Welcome Oblate Jeffrey Johnson!

Today is another special day for our monastic community. We witnessed the oblation of Jeff Johnson. 

Oblates are women and men who seek to draw closer to God through the wisdom of Saint Benedict. They commit themselves to live the Benedictine values in their work, family and faith communities.

We wish our new oblate, and all of our oblates, abundant blessings as we journey to God!

~October 20, 2018

*Jeffrey blessed us with some of his thoughts from the day of his oblation:

"Both Sister Thomas and Sister Gerard asked if I felt any different after officially becoming an oblate of Annunciation Monastery on October 20. I responded, 'It is a perfect day; it's such a feeling of family. It's like I'm not a guest anymore, but family. One one hand, nothing has changed. On the other hand, everything has changed.

'I feel so supported by this monastic community. So much of what I do in my administrative work, comes from what I’ve learned from the Sisters who have shaped and molded my life."