50th Anniversary of the Consecration of Our Lady of the Annunciation Chapel

50th Anniversary of the Consecration of Our Lady of the Annunciation Chapel

Today, May 13, 2013, marks the 50th Anniversary of the Consecration of Our Lady of the Annunciation Chapel, located in the Benedictine Center for Servant Leadership at the University of Mary.

Early this morning, Sister Denise Ressler of Annunciation Monastery reverently lit the 12 candles located in the chapel.

Pioneer City Editor, George Wright, explained in a May 1963 news story (excerpts),

"Stations of the Cross are incorporated into the stained glass windows. The 12 Consecration crosses, each representing an Apostle, are located along the walls of the chapel. Each is a granite block, incised with a cross. Candles will be lighted above the crosses on the day of Consecration, and they will burn on every anniversary thereafter.

'Annunciation Priory's beautiful new chapel of contemporary design will be consecrated Monday in a private service for Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict and members of the Roman Catholic clergy.

'His Excellency, the Most. Rev. Hilary B. Hacker, Bishop of the Bismarck diocese, will be the consecrator and will offer the Pontifical High Mass in a three-hour ceremony scheduled to begin at 3 p.m.

'Designed by internationally famous architect Marcel Breuer, the chapel is constructed of natural fieldstone with painted white interior. The paraboloid roof describe an unfinished circle and is crowned externally by a copper sheath which will develop a beautiful pantina in years to come.

'Choir stalls face each other ahead of the sanctuary, permitting antiphonal chanting of the psalms, wherein one section of the choir answers the other.

'Focal point of the sanctuary is a simple black cross, flanked by candleholders. Both the cross and the candleholders are aluminum, painted black. Reposing on the altar is a tabernacle of stainless steal, wherein the Blessed Sacrament is reserved.

'A deep "Breuer blue" balduchin or canopy over the altar appears to form an integral part of the panel behinfd the altar or reredos, which is of the ceramic tile and faced with warmly glowing gold leaf.

'The altar itself is formed from a massive six-ton slab of Lake Placid granite.

'The west windows are predominantly blue and gold, harmonizing with predominantly rose windows to the east. Custom-fabricated in Philadelphia, the windows are located to focus their fullest brilliance on the choir and sanctuary."

*Reverend Mother M. Edane Volk, O.S.B., was prioress of Annunciation Priory at the time of this holy consecration.


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