Hot off the press! New Annunciation Monastery Cookbook

Hot off the press!  New Annunciation Monastery Cookbook

As North Dakota celebrates its 125th anniversary of statehood, we offer this collection of recipes to gratefully commemorate the Benedictine Sisters who came from St. Benedict's monastery, St. Joseph, Minnesota, to Dakota Territory in 1878, just eleven years before North Dakota was declared a state.

Through the use of this cookbook, we invite you to become a creator and sharer of food that feeds both body and spirit. In the act of self-giving love, the table takes on a sacred character where God is present through the bounty of goodness, companionship and thanksgiving!

If you would like a copy (or copies) of the cookbook, they are available to purchase at Annunciation Monastery for $15.00/per cookbook.

If you would like to have a book, or books, mailed, please send your check with the appropriate amount to: Annunciation Monastery Cookbook, Attn: Sister Denise Ressler, 7520 University Drive, Bismarck, ND, 58504. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and the number of books you are ordering. Please add an additional $3.50/per book for shipping and handling. We cannot accept credit card information over the phone.

If you have questions, please contact Sister Denise Ressler at 701-255-1520 .

May God bless you as you enjoy these recipes and share happy memories at table with family and friends!


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