Almost a "Sister!" - God bless you, Idelle Badt!

Almost a "Sister!" - God bless you,  Idelle Badt!

We are overjoyed to receive Idelle Badt into the next stage of her journey! This weekend, Idelle will make her first monastic profession. Idelle has completed her novitiate year of becoming more deeply immersed in the monastic life of the Sisters, the rich Benedictine tradition of St. Benedict. Idelle has blessed us in so many ways!

Idelle says these are a few of the key points she has learned from her novitiate year:

Eucharist - Church is not a building, it's ME when I leave the church. When I leave, I am literally the Body of Christ. What a gift we have in the Eucharist!

Rule of St. Benedict - Everyone is welcomed and treated as Christ at Annunciation Monastery. Love abides here, no matter who you are. We are all equals.

Common life - To me, living in community is similar to a good marriage. We share common goods, we relate to one another on a deep level. We talk of things that are important and we care for each other.

Prayer - Praying with the sisters grounds me every day and brings peace and a sense of stability.

Care of the Sick - This is where I feel my strength is - to care for the elderly. I feel called to help others when they need me. Soon I will begin the nursing program at the University of Mary. This is my 'other' call!

Life - My life is an action. It's how I treat people. I don't have to tell people I'm a sister, I'd rather have them tell by the way I treat others, by how I am present. I didn't choose this life, it was divine intervention!

Music - my first degree is in music. I am blessed with the ability to share this gift in my monastic community in prayer and at events. It is nothing for me to bring my ukulele into a sister's room and play and sing with them. Sometimes I go to the sister's cemetary and bring the mandolin. I sit and play for the sisters.

The theme of her profession day is, "I come to do Your will," which is a wonderful life theme for all of us!

Please keep SISTER Idelle in your prayers as we celebrate with her. May God bless her abundantly and help others like her to listen and follow God's call!


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