Welcome Postulants Marena Hoogland and Mary Ruth Kayute! God bless you!

Welcome postulants, Marena Hoogland and Mary Ruth Kayute! May God bless you on this sacred day of your entry into the postulancy and on your journey as we seek God together!

Today, February 24, 2018, was a sacred and beautiful celebration of the entry of Marena Hoogland and Mary Ruth Kayute into the postulancy.

Our sisters gathered in joyful anticipation, waiting for the two women to knock on the door of the monastery, a Benedictine tradition.

The women knock and are welcomed in by the prioress, Sister Nicole Kunze, who asks each woman, "What do you seek?" The women responded in their own words, their personal desire to seek God with the Sisters of Annunciation Monastery. Prior to this, the women were affiliates, under the direction of affiliate director Sister JoAnn Krebsbach who indicated they are ready for this next step into the postulancy.

In a beautiful ceremony, steeped in Benedictine spirituality and hospitality, the women were brought closer to the entrance of the chapel. Prioress Sister Nicole Kunze read from the prologue of the Rule of St. Benedict, and gave the postulants blessed Benedictine medals and the prayer books of the community to be used for the Liturgy of the Hours. The postulant director, Sister Nancy Miller, was blessed for her role of guiding the women through the postulancy.

Postulants Marena and Mary Ruth were welcomed by the monastic community and then led to their rooms, which were blessed, before the entire community went to prayer.

May God bless these women as they continue in their journey with the Sisters of Annunciation Monastery.


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