Reflection for the Second Sunday of Lent

Reflection for the Second Sunday of Lent - by Sister Janet Zander, OSB
Mark 9:2-10 and Romans 8:31b

“On Lent’s second Sunday, Mark allows us to put on the lens of Transfiguration and we, along with Peter, James, and John, are invited to see and perceive Jesus in a new light.

With the lens of Transfiguration we are invited to celebrate what’s right with the world:

--celebrate the world so loved by the Father that he sent his Son to be our light and life to show us the way, as beloved of the Father;

--celebrate the rightness of who you are in honoring and reverencing your own worthiness, as beloved of the Father;

--celebrate the gift of each person in the ways each confirms or challenges and enlarges your life (and heart if you let them) and, as beloved of the Father;

--celebrate the now of each day, in the multiple forms and variety of God’s creation, in the setbacks that bring new insight, in the sorrows and sadnesses that invite us to live life with the fullness of body, mind, and spirit; in the joys and delights that help us know how blessed we are because we know our calling to put on Christ, the beloved of the Father who intercedes for us.”


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