Happy Feast of St. Scholastica

Happy Feast of St. Scholastica

Happy Feast of St. Scholastica

Reflection for February 10 

Gospel – Luke 10: 38 – 42

Sister Nicole Kunze, OSB


“Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things.”  I’m sure any one of us could change Martha’s name to our own and hear Jesus saying those words to us. We worry about many things – our family, our monastic community, our ministry, our nation, our world, ourselves. The list could go on and on. Worry and anxiety, whether about big or little things, can overwhelm us and even paralyze us. 

Let’s remember again what was making Martha anxious. She observed Mary, her sister, sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to him speak while she was busy with the tasks of hospitality. I’m sure some of us can relate to how Martha was feeling at that moment. Many of us come from a cultural or regional background where being “do-ers”, being driven to get the next task or job done, is just how we live. 

Preoccupation with work and what needs to get done can distract us from what is really  important and that is one of the points in this short scripture passage.  Jesus tells Martha, “There is need of only one thing.”  Jesus reminds Martha and all of us that being distracted by what we need to do keeps us away from being present and available to the Lord and what he has to share with us. It is too easy for me on my busiest days to want to jump right into my list of tasks, thinking that the time spent in lectio, prayer and reflection is keeping me away from the important things. Jesus is reminding Martha and us that the one true and important thing is that time where we are present to God and what he wants to give us at that moment. On her feastday, we can hold up Saint Scholastica as another example of someone who was fully present, not distracted by the tasks she needed to do.  The Lord answered her prayers, allowing her final conversation with her brother Benedict to continue through the night and into the next morning.  May we let go of our anxiety and worries so that we can be present and open to receive what the Lord has to offer us in the everyday moments of our lives. 



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