Our Vision

Long Range Plan

Every year, We Sisters of Annunciation Monastery, establish goals for the future. We incorporate these into our long-range planning which takes place every four years. We call our planning document “Rooted for Tomorrow,” which has been the vision of the Benedictine Sisters since our formation. Our founding Sisters moved forward in faith, responding to the needs of the day — and we continue to carry that torch into the future. We are deeply planted in these prairies and remain committed to the people of this region and beyond. The following is an outline of our charism, mission, values, principles and directives as a monastic community.


Deepen and broaden the sharing of the legacy of Annunciation Monastery through our ministry of sponsorship.


Invite and integrate new members to live, with us, the charism and mission of Annunciation Monastery.


Respond to the contemporary hunger for God.


Study, understand and act on our responsibility of stewardship in the care of the earth and a just and equitable use of its resources.


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