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*Due to COVID-19, we are unable to have live-in volunteers until further notice. We look forward to having Benedictine volunteers join us in the future!

Benedictine Volunteers - Volunteer With Us!

The Sisters of Annunciation Monastery welcome the opportunity to receive volunteers year round!

Annunciation Monastery is one of three sponsoring religious communities of Benedictine Volunteers. Benedictine Volunteers is a collaborative, long-term, live-in volunteer program that offers women the opportunity to enhance their lives by sharing in the prayer life of the Sisters and participate in their daily ministries. Volunteers have time to pray and reflect while working and living in a monastic setting. Volunteers also work hand-in-hand with the Sisters to serve the larger community in a variety of ways. Each woman is individually matched to service opportunities based on her God-given gifts, talents, desires to serve, and the needs of the monastery.

Here at Annunciation Monastery, service opportunities include possible work in hospitality, health care, hair care, gardening and environmental work, kitchen, cooking, baking, housekeeping, transportation, communications and marketing, photography, technology, history and archives, sacristy, poverty alleviation, and prison ministry. A goal of the program is to offer volunteers enriching and broadening service experiences in a hospitable and supportive Benedictine environment so that each woman is enabled to better listen and respond to God’s call in their life.

Interwoven into the volunteer’s service experience is a program of discernment. The purpose of the discernment program is to invite each woman to reflect on how her service experiences are transforming her interior life. One weekend a month, volunteers from all three sponsoring monasteries gather at one monastery, where they bond with one another, enter into a discernment process together, pray with Scripture, and participate in faith-sharing groups.

In addition to these monthly discernment weekends, each volunteer is offered a monthly spiritual direction opportunity. Through this process, volunteers are supported to actively think and pray about the ministry and vocation to which each is uniquely called. The program seeks to impart valuable life discernment skills that will empower each woman in her future decision-making.

Are you…
• A Catholic woman
• Between the ages of 20-58, with no dependents
• Able to commit to 2 weeks to 2 years of service
• Desire to live and share in community
• Open to discerning your life’s call

If you have answered yes to each of these, consider the possibility that God might be calling you to be a Benedictine volunteer as one way to serve the world and discern your life’s call!

For more information about the program, requirements, benefits, and service opportunities, please visit the Benedictine Volunteers website: http://benedictinevolunteers.com/

Applications and volunteers are accepted year round.

For questions about the program and/or the application process in becoming volunteer, please contact: Sister Marena Hoogland or Sister JoAnn Krebsbach at: (701)255-1520.


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