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Sisters Participate in Project Hope for Cancer Education and Prevention

Our sisters participated in the Bismarck Cancer Center's "Project Hope 2021" event from May 3-7, 2021.

Project Hope is a community wellness event designed to educate employees about healthy lifestyles, cancer prevention and early detection and to promote HOPE for a healthier tomorrow.

Organizations were asked to invite employees who participate to donate to the Bismarck Cancer Center and match those funds.  Each day, participants were asked to wear a designated color each day of the week to represent different types of cancer. Several of our sisters have had different types of cancer. Sister Rosanne shared that she is a survivor of three of the following cancers. The sisters pray for all who have had/or have cancer, and those who care for them. We are grateful for all who serve and are served at the Bismarck Cancer Center!

Monday - Wear black for skin cancer

Tuesday - Wear pink for breast cancer

Wednesday - Wear white for lung cancer

Thursday - Wear light blue for prostate cancer

Friday - Wear purple for Survivorship (our favorite!)